About Us

For over 30 years Maxtech has been an innovator in the tool industry having created and filed 100’s of patents for the DIY and Professional Hardware & Tool Industry. Product innovation includes first to market packaging designs, quick connects, hand tools and bug detection and elimination products.

Our product innovation has been licensed by industry leaders, private labelled and distributed all over the World. Follow the links for more information on our patented products.


History of Innovation:

1988 Insty-Bit, Inc

In 1988, Jim Wienhold, was building a deck and realized he was constantly changing drill bits in his drill. Recognizing the time wasted as a problem, he came up with the solution. Jim designed and patented the quick change chuck system that works with 1/4 inch hex shank bits.

1995-2000 Case Packaging Innovation
In the 90’s the power tool accessory market was flooded with offshore hardware packaged in kits and boxed for retail sale. Kacee Vasudeva thought there had to be a better way for the consumer to see what they were purchasing so he patented the first clear case to display and retail power tool accessories

2002-2007 Licensing Agreements
Maxtech was recognized for its packaging and quick connect innovation in the market. Industry leaders signed Licensing Agreements for the packaging and production rights to produce the Clear Case Packaging and ¼ inch Quick Connect for applications in their Power Tools and Power Tool Accessories.

2011 Acquisition of Insty-Bit:

Maxtech acquires Insty-Bit, Inc and adds to its patent portfolio with innovation in universal all hex and dual size connectors for Hand and Power tools.


Maxtech invests in its pest control patents and brings product to market to solve problems with two of the most difficult pests to control around the World, Mosquitos and Bed Bugs.

2015 Maxtech Innovations:

The World Leader in Quick Connect Technology (IP) and Innovator in Pest Control Products Maxtech Innovations takes a strategic stance in defining, defending and marketing its IP around the World.