Invention Submission

Designing and developing a product today has never been easier. With the advance of software and rapid prototyping technology early stage entrepreneurs can go from concept to crowdfunding in 90 days. For most Entrepreneurs reality sets in when they realize the cost of tooling, inventory, manufacturing and marketing strips them of all available cash flow before the product is ready for retail sale.

Maxtech Innovations would like to know:

  1. Does your product fit into the Hardware and Tools or Pest Control Industry?
  2. When considering your innovation does it have global potential? 
  3. Is your innovation Patentable?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions then our product team would like to analyze your products potential. Our core team will advise on the patent process, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and financing requirements required for market readiness.

If selected your product could be licensed by Maxtech for global distribution by a leading Industry Brand or manufactured and sold to the top Retailers around the World.

If you have any invention that you would like to submit or discuss please Contact Us.