10 in1 QL3 Ratchet Screw Driver Set

//10 in1 QL3 Ratchet Screw Driver Set
  • QL3 Ratchet

10 in1 QL3 Ratchet Screw Driver Set

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MAXTECH’s Innovative QL3 Technology in a ratcheting screwdriver, solving all of the DIY’ers common screwdriver needs. This set includes all of the most common and widely used screwdrivers heads in North America. The Set includes Slot,Philips, Square and Torx Bits. The Screwdriver is built with all consumers in mind, that’s why we’ve used the best materials to ensure durability.

  • QL3 System gives you the same feeling of a solid screwdriver
  • Hi-Torque
  • One Hand Loading
  • S2 Steel Bits/Blades


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Product Description


5 double ended screwdriver shafts


-QL3 Locking System tightly secures screwdriver blades and drives like a solid screwdriver.
-Auto-locking, one handed bit loading locks virtually any ¼” hex shank accessory.
-Hi-torque ratcheting mechanism
-S2 steel blades for both power tool and hand applications.
-Includes screwdriver blade holders. -Rubberized, ergonomic grip gives higher torque output.

Additional Information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 5.08 × 12.7 × 30.48 in