4 Ways to unlock: Finger Print,Smart phone, Passcode, key

  • Faise Acceptance Rate <0.001%,
  • Faise Rejection Rate <0.1%
  • Fingerprint storage capacity: 240
  • Fingerprint Identification time<0.8 S
  • 10 Digit backlit touchscreen audible keypad
  • 4-digit radom guiding code
  • Store 25 user codes and 4 one time entry passcodes
  • The virtual key management
  • Sending notifications
  • Restore access history
  • Wrong passcode and fingerprint access block system
  • Low battery alarm
  • Emergency external power supply connectable
  • Comply BHMA Grade 3 standard
  • 4 AA Batteries driven – 1 year waterproof or water resistant

Anti-theft: ┬áDismounting, damaging or inputting wrong password over 3 times will trigger high-decibel alarm and notifications will be sent to owner’s phone immediately.

Antihijacking: Once hijacked, the lock will send hijacking notifications to family’s phone immediately. Meanwhile, you can still use the specific password or finger print to unlock the lock as usual.