Maxtech Versatile Dual Height Stand

//Maxtech Versatile Dual Height Stand
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Maxtech Versatile Dual Height Stand

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With MAXTECH's Mobile DUAL HEIGHT stand you are able to not only getting a Mobile and verstaile Stand. The stand also fits a wide range of stationary power tools

  • Adjustable to any height
  • Set for Table or Miter Saw heights
  • Folds Flat
  • 6″ Wheels


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Product Description


Included is all part required to make the stand


-Allows to adjust to the correct, working height for both table saw and miter saw
Table saw: 25 1/2” height Miter saw: 35 ¾” height
-Folds Flat to allow for compact storage
-With 6″ wheels the stand can be easily transported across the job site or around your home.

Additional Information

Weight 13.15 lbs
Dimensions 64.3 × 52.1 × 17.78 in