is a group of companies with decades of experience working with world-leading companies in the automotive and consumer industries


MAXTECH Innovations

has created and filed over 100 patents and brought these products, from consumer packages goods to specialty innovations and manufacturing, to market all over the world.


MAXTECH Innovations

is committed to continuously sourcing innovative solutions, breaking into new market segments, and establishing market dominance.


MAXTECH Innovations

has an extensive network of business and manufacturing partners will help you capitalize on the many advantages of working with a nationally registered minority organization

Ideas In Action

MAXTECH is a group of companies with over 40 years’ experience working with world-leading companies in the automotive and consumer industries. MAXTECH is committed to continuously sourcing innovative solutions, whether it is a consumer-packaged good or a high-volume manufacturing product all the while breaking into new market segments and establishing dominance.

MAXTECH extensive network of business and manufacturing partners will help you capitalize on the many advantages of working with a nationally registered minority organization. MAXTECH has created and filed over 250 patents, and our innovative products included licensed, first-to-market packaging designs, quick connect hand tools, bug detection and elimination products, and unique mosquito products.



Started as Maxflow Industries Inc.


Started Mastercut Industries Inc. (Manufacture of hand tools)


Started TurnTech Inc. (machining company)

1990 – 1991

Purchased Relmech Industries (thermostat molding); Smith & Stone (line of electrical wiring devices) from Hammond family.


Shivtech Plastics (injection molding company) to manufacture screwdrivers, automotive parts, and consumer products.


Purchased NBS Manufacturing Cambridge for machining of brake rotors and drums. After its success applied for 12 more patents and changed the landscape of retail packaging.

1995-2000 Case Packaging Innovation

In the 90’s the power tool accessory market was flooded with offshore hardware packaged in kits and boxed for retail sale. Kacee Vasudeva thought there had to be a better way for the consumer to see what they were purchasing so he patented the first clear case to display and retail power tool accessories.


Started a division of MAXTECH Inc. in Detroit, Michigan for cold heading operations.


Bought Precitech, a sintered metal technology company in Québec City.


Became the largest supplier in North America for O2 sensor bosses, used in every vehicle made in North America with sales over 100 million dollars.

2002-2007 Licensing Agreements

Maxtech was recognized for its packaging and quick connect innovation in the market. Industry leaders signed Licensing Agreements for the packaging and production rights to produce the Clear Case Packaging and ¼ inch Quick Connect for applications in their Power Tools and Power Tool Accessories.

2007 – 2008

Green Ripple Innovations; working with the University of Guelph we developed a plastic which will use 40% switchgrass under Agro Biocomposite brand.


Established bug elimination and prevention corporation (detection and control of crawling insects)


Purchased majority interest in Insty-Bit Inc. in Minnesota and it’s patent portfolio with innovation in universal connectors. By combining Insty-Bit and Maxtech patents we became the world leader in Quick Connect Technologies for both hand tools and power tool accessories.


Started MAXTECH Mosquito Control Inc. (to control mosquitoes) by working with Laurentian University.


Maxtech invests in its pest control patents and brings product to market to solve problems with two of the most difficult pests to control around the World, Mosquitos and Bed Bugs.


Maxtech acquired ULTRA-FORM MFG2021  in  2021. The company has a reputation as a high-quality manufacturer and offers its customers a wide range of services including quality engineers for customer liaison, problem diagnosis, as well as pre and post-engineering support in the design and process stages.

Green-Strike offers a full and comprehensive line of mosquito control products that are safe for the environment.

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BEAP CO is the market leader in bed bug detection, and fruit fly traps with its groundbreaking all-natural technology.

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Maxtech Consumer Products Limited founded in 1975, is a leader in developing innovative cases, tools, and technology that has evolved over the years into licensing agreements with manufacturers in the tool industry.

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Ultra-form Mfg 2021 Inc is a privately held Canadian Corporation created in 1969 to manufacture precision screw machine components to customer specification primarily for the automotive industry.

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Specialty Innovations & Manufacturing aims to promote environmentally sustainable quality products by keeping our commitment to continuously innovate and improve our products.

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Insty-Bit sells a large selection of counter sinks, an Insty-Drive Extension Set, and a variety of other cutting tools that are used by professionals, as well as by do-it-yourself individuals.

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